• Disposal of Liuzhou Union Zinc Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Change of company name to USP Group Limited.
  • Acquisition of 49% of SG Support Service Pte. Ltd.


  • Diversified its business to include the Property Development Business and the Oil Blending Business.
  • Established two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Singapore, namely USP Industrial Pte Ltd (“USPI”) and USP Properties Pte Ltd (“USPP”).
  • Acquisition of 51% of Biofuel Research Pte Ltd.
  • Purchase of residential property in Blandford Drive.
  • Invested in 90% of Cluny Home Development Pte Ltd.


  • Completed the restructuring exercise of transferring of 100% equity interest of its two wholly-owned subsidiaries in the People’s Republic of China, namely, Liuzhou Union Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Intai Technology Co., Ltd to Unionmet Holdings Limited.


  • Unionmet (Singapore) Pte Ltd converted into a public limited company Unionmet (Singapore) Limited and successfully listed on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.


  • Incorporated in Singapore under the name of Unionmet (Singapore) Pte Ltd.